Best 25 SEO Strategies for Higher Google Search Rankings in 2020

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The best process of SEO strategies is an effective way to raise to a higher ranking for your website in Google search. It helps you to achieve higher search visibility too. Tons of SEO experts or specialists can help you. For sites to be successful, optimizing it is a great avenue to do so. The ranking is also a determining factor, which means you have acquired many online following or audience. 

And to give you some insights, here are some strategies for you to know. These are ways for you to try and learn more about SEO. Use this as your guide. 

Use Photos

For your web content, use photos or images as much as possible. It will help you to spark the attention or interests of your target online audience too. Make sure you have the most relevant and high-quality photos produced. Angles are also important, so ensure that it fits well with your article or theme. You can look for a freelance SEO specialist to help you.

Video Optimization

Better optimize your videos. Don’t post low-quality ones. Videos should also match your website and online audience’s needs. It has to have essential details as well. Use this in your web content. Also, you can promote your website through it too.

Be Cohesive In Your Web Content

As for web content you write, it must be cohesive. It means that you have one flow of thought. Don’t be too messy. Otherwise, your online audience might feel lost. So, write well. Think before you post. 

Be Informative

Don’t go around the bush. If you can make it direct to the point, do so. Don’t waste time writing an article that has no direction at all. Your write-ups must contain all the needed information about your site. But then, be creative in doing so. 

Don’t Be Dull

In writing titles, make sure it’s catchy and not dull. The goal is to catch attention. So, stick to it. There are online marketing experts for hire; you can learn a bit from them.

Emphasizing In Your Content

As much as possible, give a deep emphasis on some critical points of your article. The right words will do. So, take time in writing. Don’t make it sound monotonous. Make it appealing.

Relevant Keywords

For keywords, don’t put unnecessary words. Make sure they are all relevant. It adds up to your search ranking as it can help your site to appear on search results.

Know Other Than Google

Google may be the mainstream, but don’t focus entirely on it too much. Explore other search engines also. You can consider Amazon if you have products to sell. 

Parentheses And Brackets

Use parenthesis and brackets – they are helpful to your web content. It gives an effect to your write-ups. Also, it keeps your thoughts organized.

Mobile Design

Make your website much convenient and accessible through a mobile design or version. Apart from online desktop users, there are tons of mobile phone users as well. Program your site to have suitable features. You can hire part time freelance SEO expert to help you.

Signals In Search Engine

First, make sure your website is accessible in a search engine such as Google. Also, signals are necessary as it makes your site appear. So, be careful with it. Use keywords, so many people can see at once your page in the search results. 


One thing: use blockchains. It will help your website to make sure that nothing changes in your data, if unnecessary. No one will access it too. You have full control, in other words. Optimizing it to your online platform is significant.

Voice Search Engine

Use voice search engine as much as possible. And then, take time to optimize it. You have to avail the feature so that you can level up the accessibility of your page as well. Seek for freelance SEO professionals to guide you.

Know Your Online Audience

As soon as you identify your online audience, it’s easier to give their needs and spark interests. So, take time knowing them first. It can also help make more web content.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One way of making it through SEO is the use of AI or Artificial Intelligence. It’s a technological feature that helps in making sure your online audience have the best experience in accessing your website. Use the RankBrain system as an example.  

Knowledge-Based SEO

For a much better SEO process, use the Knowledge-based. It will be a tool to help you in making sure that your web content is known online. 

Use High-Ranking Posts 

Post web content, which has the most ranking. It will add credibility to your website. Also, it’s a better factor in the optimization process. You can hire remote SEO specialist to help you.

Have A Structured Data

Structured data are personalized and highly-organized information or details about the site. It will be used once your site is searched. You can use the keywords you have, as well. 

Use Featured Snippets

For better search visibility and ranking, utilize a featured snippet as well. It can generate more online audience as well. The featured snippets will help your site to create more results too. 

Prioritize Your Users

Make sure your online users have the best experience on your website. Give them proper features to access. Also, your online audience must feel safe and secured. 

Meta Description

Be original in making a meta description. Make sure it sounds original as well. It will set your site apart from other sites in the virtual world too. Use it for your ranking as well. 

404 Page 

On a more technical side, use a 404 page for your website. It will help ensure that there is only one formal and legit website. Otherwise, the 404 pages will display an error.

Create A Section For Suggestions

Be interactive with your online audience. Use their feedbacks for you to gain online activity more. They will visit your website, which will increase search visibility too.

Use Links

You have to use links for your web content. The links will contain your website, so it’s a great way to increase Google search ranking.

Always Secure The HTTPS

For security purposes, always make sure that your HTTPs are safe to access. It will help your website to remain secured for everyone who will click any link.

Final Word

These are great ideas to take something for your website. Make sure to keep these in your mind too. 

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