Ginger ink, Top Film and formal commercials production crew in Kenya

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Ginger ink, Top Film and formal commercials production in Kenya SEO analysis 2018

film production in kenya

film production in kenya

The SEO summary for ginger ink

below list of ranking keywords, position and metricks excell format

Existing backlinks list as below excell

ginger ink backlinks

the suggested keywords metricks


general score is 38/100 with below details

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general information

  • Doctype:
  • Pageweight:
    7.36 kb
  • WWW redirection (301):
  • Encoding:
  • Google PageRank:
    Failed to generate a valid hash for PR check.
  • Alexa Rank:

meta title & description

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Filming in Africa (17 characters)
(0 phrases, 0 characters)

Keywords metatag is empty.

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Keyword Frequency (% of word total)
Africa 3 (5.2)%
film 2 (3.4)%
production 2 (3.4)%
through 1 (1.7)%
feature 1 (1.7)%
documentaries 1 (1.7)%
commercials 1 (1.7)%
media 1 (1.7)%
project 1 (1.7)%
films 1 (1.7)%
reels 1 (1.7)%
crew 1 (1.7)%
client 1 (1.7)%
contact 1 (1.7)%
people 1 (1.7)%
locations 1 (1.7)%
size 1 (1.7)%
list 1 (1.7)%
practical 1 (1.7)%
servicing 1 (1.7)%

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social interactions stats

  • Google Plus:
  • Twitter:
  • Linkedin:
  • Pinterest:


Summary of solution and time-frames

SEO Process Activities pdf

General details on a scale pdf

Client shared keywords:

Film production in Kenya,
Film production in Africa,
Formal commercials in kenya,
Formal commercials in africa,
Feature film crews in kenya,
Feature film crews in africa,
Location filming in kenya,
Location filming in africa,
Post production/Pre production crews in kenya,
Post production/Pre production crews in africa,
Film licensing in kenya,
Temporary work permits in kenya,
Film equipment in Kenya,
Film equipment in africa,

Timeframe and results analysis  as seen here SEO Process Activities

SEO Google ranking Detailed Services and activity [Find on Email] /Month (with exemption of direct expences)
Keyword Research
Onsite SEO 26 Point Checklist
Blog Design and Development
Monthly Content Development 2 articles per week
Keyword Landing Pages
Social Bookmarks
Google Map SEO
Link Building
High Quality Directory Submissions
Social Bookmarks
Monthly Optimization
Video Optimization
Photo Optimization
Quarterly Press Release
High Ranking Directory Submission
Website Support
Hosting Support

Google Analytics Reporting
Monthly Reporting(analytics)
Google, Bing and Yahoo Maps

Of the activities with aggressive implementation ranking on the given keywords should be from as soon as the 3rd week.

on the second months most of the keywords will be ranking on page 1 while on the 4th month the reputation for the site will have grown in domain authority and page rankings.

Our team will engage on your media content in terms of social media and online marketing which is not inclusive on SEO

The working contract will be drafted once an agreement is reached on the activities and costings.

Feel free to reach out to me or request a meeting for further clarifications on the activities

At sortiwa, we endeavor to develop relationships which enable us to grow together and achieve more

our push is to deliver accurately, ontime and on budget.

We hope to partner and help the media team in Online marketing, online reputation management and online interactions and accounts management.

We shall also train the technology team on the various aspects of online SEO content development and general marketing techniques that works.



James Moses

ICT consultant Sortiwa kenya






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