paypal to mpesa kenya

PayPal Mobile Money Service with M-PESA

Paypal to Mpesa kenya exchange system.

The cheapest way to withdraw money from paypal to mpesa and vice versa

Paypal to mpesa has never been so easy thanks to safaricom and paypal partnership

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Welcome to PayPal Mobile Money Service with M-PESA.

Finally in Kenya you can now move funds between your PayPal and M-PESA accounts. Your money, your choice!

How It Works

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Access your funds quickly

Got paid through PayPal? That’s great, now you can easily withdraw the funds to your M-PESA, and use them any way you like. Need to pay your bills? No problem – your latest PayPal payment can be waiting for you on your M-PESA. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Shop around the world.

Why limit your shopping experience? It’s now easier for you to top up your PayPal account, and shop around the world. Just transfer your M-PESA balance to your PayPal account, and get ready to shop almost anywhere, anytime.

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