Rvibs training jan 13 2018

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Inroduction to SEO RVIBS Training

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Monthly Task and responsibilities: –
1.    10 Directory submissions
2.    10 Social Book marking Submissions on High PR bookmarking sites
3.    1 Article Submission on High PR Article Site (1 article of 450 words)
4.    Article Promotion on 10 High PR Sites
5.    1 Press Release Submission (1 press release of 500 words)
6.    10 Search Engine Submissions per month
7.    1 Blog creation of High PR blogging site
8.    1 Blog Submission (1 blog of 300 words)
9.    Blog Promotion on 10 high PR sites
10.  10 Classified Submissions on high PR Classified sites (From 2nd month onwards)
11.   5 Video Submissions and Video Promotion (if provided by client)
12. 1 PDF Creation and Submission to high PR PDF site.
13. PDF Promotion on 10 High PR Sites
14. 1 Business PPT Creation
15.  PPT Submission on high PR PPT Sharing Sites
16.  PPT Promotion on 10 High PR Sites
17.  Image Sharing on high PR Image Sharing Sites (From 2nd month onwards)
18.  Google Local Listing
19.  Business Listing
20. Website Analysis Report
21. Keywords Analysis Report
22. Competitor Analysis Report
23. Heading Tag Optimization (H1 and H2 etc)
24. Remove Canonical Issue
25. Keyword Density Check
26.  Title Tag Optimization
27.  Meta Tag Optimization
28. Keywords Tag Optimization
29.  Image Alt Tag Optimization
30.  Anchor Tag Optimization
31.  Content Optimization
32.  Robots.txt Optimization
33.  XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
34.  HTML Site Map
35.  Urllist.txt for Yahoo and Bing also
36.  Set up Google Webmaster Tool
37.  Set up Google Analytics Tool
38.  Yahoo Webmaster Tool and Bing webmaster.
39.  Facebook Profile Creation
40.  Facebook Profile Promotion
41.  Twitter Profile Creation
42.  Twitter Profile Promotion
43. PInterest Profile Creation
44. PInterest Profile Promotion
45. Google Plus Profile Creation
46. Google Plus Profile Promotion
47. SEO Recommendations Report