Top 10 plagiarism software to use for great writing 2018

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Top 10 plagiarism software to use for great writing

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Plagiarism means imitating someone’s work without giving the original writer credits and most of the time, the original owner of the content, is not aware of the fact that his work has been copied.

Plagiarism has become an evolving concern, especially with so many web pages created every day. Unfortunately, lots of writers and bloggers copy the writings of others and then use them on their own blogs without offering proper credits. Freelance writers and business owners also need a complete check over the originality of their content. Copied content will turn out to be detrimental to someone’s online reputation and search engine rankings.

But fortunately, Google has evolved enough these days to become aware of which content is already posted and which content is just a copy of the pre-existing version.

Plagiarism checker tools can help fight copied content and content theft, and if you want to make sure that your content is original, these tools will turn out to be the ultimate weapons against plagiarism. There are various online and offline tools for detecting duplicate content these days, and we’ll introduce you to the best.

Intentional and unintentional plagiarism

Intentional plagiarism involves a person accused of unoriginal content which has been conscious of the fact that the content is stolen. In such cases, some practical plagiarism checker tools are a must.

On the other hand, unintentional plagiarism occurs when the writer is unaware of the fact that the content is copied from someone else and the new material includes traces of already published content. Quotes without proper credits are also included in this category. Matching writing styles will also result in duplicate content, and it can happen many times that the writing style of an author matches another one’s.

Anyway, regardless of the cause of copied content the result always involves downfalls for both parties. This is the exact reason for which writers need plagiarism checker tool and service that are used for detecting duplicate content and for managing to create original articles.

Here are the best plagiarism programs that will turn out to be very useful:

  1. Grammarly

grammar checker tools

Besides being able to detect plagiarism issues of the content, the software also proofreads your whole text, and it offers you the option to correct over 205 types of grammatical errors. The tool checks plagiarism against more than 8 billion web pages in just a few seconds, and it instantly provides you reports. It features a field of plagiarism detection, and the software is considered one of the best plagiarism detection tools out there.

Grammarly is also known as one of the best automated proofreaders and corrects errors on an instant basis. The tool is beneficial for professional content writers to get text proofread and to eliminate the spelling and the grammatical errors. It can also enhance your vocabulary by offering various options of content.

Teachers and students can use the tool to find online duplicate content and it will display the percentage of copied content, and this is why it’s recommended for academic use.

  1. Copyleaks

This is a cloud-based authentication platform which enables you to track the way that the eLearning content is being used all over the web. The platform features various sections for educational and business purposes. The business section is targeted at SEO agencies and publishers and the education section addresses schools, universities, and students. The tool can scan content in various file formats and all Unicode languages.

Copyleaks will allow you to use the API tool to search for plagiarized content all over the web. The tool also offers a mobile application along with an MS Office add-on which you can use to check for plagiarism as you are writing a document in MS Word.

In order to be able to check for plagiarized eLearning content, you will first have to create an account for free. Unfortunately, on the first ten pages are for free.

If you choose to sign up for free, you will be allowed to check 2,500 words ever months. There are also some flexible subscription plans that start from $9,99 every month to check up to 25,000 words without a day limit.

  1. PlagiarismCheck

Unlike more free plagiarism checker tools, PlagiarismCheck involves some restrictions by putting the word count limit. The software can be extremely useful in case you wish to check an unlimited number of papers and pages, More than this, you will now have to worry about the file formats as it has all the features to accept all kinds of forms.

Some of the plagiarism tools may not be accessible from all locations but with this one you are free from such constraints. You can access the tool from anywhere across the globe, and it’s the best Copyscape alternative. You can use it to check the authenticity of the texts that are submitted to you.

What’s even cooler is the fact that if you want to download the plagiarism report, you will be able to do so instantly quite easily. On the other hand, many users are worried by the fact that the product doesn’t render any kind of warranty. This will turn out to be a major setback in case you’re thinking to file a lawsuit.

  1. Plagiarisma

This is a multi-purpose plagiarism detection tool which is basic and also straightforward to use. It can be utilized by students, writers, teachers, and all kinds of members of the literary industry. The tool supports more than 190 languages. You can Copy and Paste the text, or you can type it in the appropriate field. You can also provide a URL, or you can upload a file from your computer. The supported types include the following: HTML, TXT, DOC, RTF, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, PDFR, EPUB, FB2 and PDB.

You can have your content quickly checked by downloading the Firefox and Chrome extensions. The free version of the program features a limited number of plagiarism checks so in case you are looking for a tool for extensive use then you should look someplace else.

The free version of the program offers the benefits that we have already mentioned above. If you register, you can upgrade to the Premium Membership.

  1. Dupli Checker

This is also one of the most useful free plagiarism detection tools on the web, and even if it doesn’t sport a fancy interface, it will surely get the job done as well as possible. To use the tool you don’t have to pay anything. Whether you are a one-time user or you plan on making this instrument the main one, you will use for a long time, or on a daily basis, you will not be required to pay for the subscription.

The tool is very easy to use and you will be presented with a basic layout that doesn’t require any previous experience with plagiarism detection tools. It will enable you to either copy and paste the content in the text field and check it or to upload a Docx or a Text file from your computer.

The software allows you to do 50 plagiarism checks per day in case you decide to sign up for free. If you don’t want to sign up, you will be limited to only one check every day.

  1. PlagTracker

This is a fast plagiarism detection tool that searches both academic databases and websites by copying and pasting texts or by uploading files. The tool is addressing to various user groups, teachers, students, site owners and publishers can profit from its benefits and advantages.

The tool will offer detailed reports, and the user will get informed as to what parts of the text need to be cited. It will also provide a list of sources that can be used. The software supports six languages including English, French, Romanian, Spanish, German, and Italian. You don’t have the option of uploading files in a free version, and you have to get the premium package to have your content uploaded and checked for plagiarism.

For a price of $7,49 every month, you can upload and check also larger files with faster processing times. The tool also provides grammar controls and unlimited checking volume for multiple docs.

The tool helps students, teachers, website owners and anyone else who is interested in protecting their texts. This plagiarism detector guarantees that anything you write will be thoroughly checked by the online plagiarism software to make sure that the content is original. He process of reviewing content involves some basic steps.

The software houses over 20 million academic works. In the end, you will finally receive the plagiarism report that includes information about sections of the scan that will need to be cited. The tool will also offer a list of sources to choose from.

  1. PlagScan

This plagiarism detection tool is targeted at both business and individuals, and it can successfully check texts. You don’t have to download anything to be able to use the program. The tool offers you three options to perform plagiarism checks. You can choose from directly pasting the text into the appropriate field, importing the file from the Internet by entering its URL in the designated location or by uploading it from a cloud storage location (Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive) or uploading a file from your computer.

The users will pay-on-demand according to their needs and business will be able to integrate Plagscan into various Content and Learning Management Systems. The tool’s interface is quite advanced in comparison with other plagiarism software.

Private users have to pay $5,99 every month, and they will get online storage time for up to six months. Accounts that are targeted at school, companies, and universities start from $19,99 every month with unlimited storage time online and various cloud features.

  1. Copyscape

Copyscape offers a free plagiarism checker tool for finding copies of your web pages online. The tool also provides two more potent professional solutions for preventing content fraud and content theft. Copyscape Premium provides a more powerful plagiarism detection ability than the free service, and it also offers more features including batch searches, copy-paste originality checks, private index, an API and case tracking.

Copysentry is the second option, and it provides comprehensive protection for your website by automatically scanning the Internet on a daily basis or a weekly basis. It will email you when new copies of your content are found somewhere on the web.

Copyscape also offers free plagiarism warning banners for your website in order to warn potential plagiarists against stealing your content. The software features a free tool to compare two articles or web pages and also a comprehensive guide on how to deal with plagiarism.

  1. SmallSEOTools

This is a unique site, and on this platform, you can get several tools with lavish features. Even if its plagiarism checker is not too advanced, users love this tool because of the fact that it is free of costs. To use the software you just have to copy and paste your content in the box showed online and then you have to click on the green button saying Check plagiarism. Your text will then be scanned for duplicated content.

The text you enter online will be scanned carefully and so will be the web. You will probably see some red in the results, and this is because standard phrases may trigger red flags. In case there are complete sentences that are not original, the tool will find the original source of all plagiarized or unoriginal content that was copied from the web.

The phrases or sentences which are shown in red already exist online, and they will not pass Google plagiarism tests.

This free plagiarism checker can be used for checking rewritten or spun content to eliminate consistencies, and its benefits are not restricted to black and gray SEO techniques.

  1. Unicheck Plagiarism Checker

Whenever you need an anti-plagiarism software help, you will be safe if you choose Unicheck. One you upload a paper, the tool’s formatting will be kept the same. Your texts will have the same number of pages, images, abstracts and so on. The program is able to check more files at the same time, and you will now have to scan all of them one by one.

It can check up to 5 papers at a time and no matter what size a file is checked will run all at once without being slowed down. The tool supports 99% of text formats, but you will not be able to check image file formats. You also have the possibility of downloading similarity reports in PDF to keep on working even when you are offline.

The tool uses different highlighters to show you all the similarities in the Unicheck plagiarism report. You will get to see very easy which parts of your content contain copied text which should be properly cited. Every month the Unicheck production team releases new features and interface add-ons as if you become a registered client, you will be able to get access to all of them.

In the tech age that we live in a plagiarism checker tool is really necessary for protecting content. In some cases, plagiarism can result in lawsuits, criminal charges, and sometimes even imprisonment. Even if you commit unintentional plagiarism, it will still be viewed as plagiarism in the eyes of the law, and this is very important to remember.

Use one of these trusted tools, according to your needs, and eliminate the risk of being penalized for plagiarism. By using plagiarism software, you will be able to make sure that your content is 100 percent original.

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